Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brian Dunning Hits the Nail on the Head

Brian Dunning is a skeptic who I will no doubt mention later as I delve deeper. He is most definitely an asshole skeptic - and I mean that in the most flattering of ways - but I'll get into that later.

His latest episode of his podcast Skeptoid analyses one of the core issues in skepticism today. "How to Make Skepticism Commercial?" I'm thinking that he found a few pieces of the puzzle at TAM this year - there is some familiarity of concept. He ends by quoting my favourite presenter from TAM 7 - Jennifer Ouellette.

I'm going to argue that he isn't going far enough, but that would be getting way ahead of where I've explicated my ideas on Asshole Skepticism. But he is right on target.

I hope to start outlining my ideas soon. Lot's going on. Soon, I swear. But for now this will help colour in a bit of the space between the lines.

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