Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Kind of Bullshit Doctor Are You!?!

Last week a couple of fellow Skeptic North bloggers, sent me this and shouted "You're it!"

I'm going to cut to the chase here.  The writer of this particular pamphlet by all appearances is grade 'A' crack.  You could stuff a chunk of her in a pipe and get whacked out of your fucking mind.

It may be a bit unfair to go after her too hard as I think it's not terribly unreasonable to jump to the conclusion that she is genuinely deranged.  I say this in all honesty.  I am not trying to unfairly disparage her.  However, her 'fact sheet' redefines the word 'fact' and in the course serves to propagate information that contributes to the egregious public endangerment that the on-going anti-vaccination campaign is delighting in during these days of extreme sensitivity in the height of the first wave of the H1N1 pandemic and concurrent vaccination drive.

If you print out that PDF, close your eyes and drop your finger down on the page, you are more than likely to hit something that is demonstrably not a fact.  I am not exaggerating.  It is a morass of tired anti-vaxx argument, standard conspiracy theory paranoid clap and incredibly bad science.  There is SO much wrong with it that I'm just not going to bother trying.

Instead, lets look a bit closer at the author.

Her website - Personocratia - practically speaks for itself.  "Ghis" sees herself as a courageous spirit, fighting the oppressive powers that keep the world under their thumb.  She follows her own narcissistic philosophy she calls Personocracy.

It is the reign of Personocratia, of conscious sovereign individuals who know they are the supreme authority and who only obey their conscience. They create a society in their image and likeness – Personocracy.
I'm no psychologist, but it doesn't take much to see through to the obnoxious levels of hip-deep bran-flake bull-shit narcisissm at the core of it.  "Ghis" has determined herself to be a sovereign being, and apparently that absolves her from paying income tax.  Her self-righteous machinations to avoid paying are childish. 
She has informed the Governor General via her lawyer that her birth name Ghislaine Lanctot "will no longer be used as evidence of [her] identity." (Translated from French.) and she goes on to pull an "Artist formerly known as 'Prince'" and signs her letter with the symbol for infinity.
If there were a symbol for "rolling my eyes 'til I get vertigo and vomit" I would insert it here.
She takes issue with the fact that on her summons the phrase "every one" is used in reference to her obligation to appear in court.  She cites the Canadian Criminal Code Definitions:

"every one", "person" and "owner", and similar expressions, include Her Majesty and an organization;

"organization" means:
     (a) a public body, body corporate, society, company, firm, partnership, trade union or municipality, or
     (b) an association of persons that
          (i) is created for a common purpose,
          (ii) has an operational structure, and
          (iii) holds itself out to the public as an association of persons
The laughable implication seems to be that as a sovereign being, she is not included in this definition. I might add that no where in our constitution does it say that sovereign beings have any rights what so ever.  Does she really want to go down this road?

The argument by her lawyer also includes the defence that while ignorance of the law does not absolve one of the law...
...this celebrated principle of common law is not applicable to the Income Tax Law, since nobody can fully understand it, including judges, lawyers, civil servants, bookkeepers, ministers…. Some people may have a partial knowledge on specific articles, but nobody in Canada has full knowledge of this law...
Yeah.  Tell that to Wesley Snipes.

The judge wasn't buying any of it.  Ghislaine Lanctot has spent time in prison on this offence.  She was also fined for it - $1000 for each of seven counts.
This isn't the first time she has been in trouble with the law.  Once upon a time Ghislaine Lanctot was a doctor.  "I sought unlimited health."  Danger Will Robinson!  She sketches out her journey from Phlebologist to "Idessic Being in Training" as she came to "understand the real inner workings of the health industry."  She eventually wrote a book called “The Medical Mafia.”

That brought the full power of the medical establishment down upon me. It retaliated by bringing me to trial. To no one’s surprise, I was convicted and my licence was revoked for life!
Poor poor set-upon crazy lady.  Thank FSM she won't be MY doctor.

If you happen to like a good crack substitute you can check out more on her site. Or, if you are really up for some fun you can write her and see what crazy shit she sends back.

I did.

I tossed her the equivalent of a slow, fat pitch right across the plate asking faux-credulous questions about some of the items on her Vaccinations 101 Fuct Sheet (typo-intentional).

1) You say that vaccinations are like giving a child a small rape to prepare them for a bigger rape. This sounds terrifying to me and I must admit I simply do not understand. Perhaps you can elaborate? How is a rape like a vaccination? I'm also really uncertain about the idea of a small rape and a bigger rape. I thought rape was kind of an absolute thing. You are either raped or you are not raped - there are no partial measures. But I digress - please clarify this for me, I find it very disturbing and scary.

2) "The efficiency of vaccines has never been proven scientifically." I'm not really certain what you mean here. Do you mean that if I were to have a needle stuck in my arm I wouldn't know whether it was going to hurt, help or do nothing to me? Or are you saying that we don't have any proof that vaccines have ever accomplished anything? I heard that small pox was eliminated with vaccines? Isn't that good? Isn't it proof?

3) "We do not die of a disease... the fear of microbes and illness knocks people out and vaccines finish them off." Now this sounds to me like you are saying that vaccines are being used deliberately as a poison or something to actively kill people. Is that really what is going on, or am I misunderstanding you? If it is what is going on, I'm not sure I understand the purpose of it. Why would the medical establishment want to kill so many people? And why wait for them to get sick from fear? What if they don't get scared? This is confusing for me, perhaps I haven't spent enough time learning about health as it relates to my spirit.

4) You start a list of "three" ingredients that are in vaccines, but I only see two in your list - though each of those two has many things, but I see your point - you are categorizing the ingredients, right? In any case I am still curious what the third ingredient is in the witches' brew. Is it possible... can you send me a link or links to your resources for what is in vaccines? I want to understand this as much as I can on my own.
She did write back. Seemingly excited by my interest, but failing to answer a single thing. Not a word. She did send me some links though.

Warning: The crazy only gets deeper out here in the middle.

First she sent me a quadruple-shot of Wayne Madsen interviews. The man has never met a conspiracy he didn’t want to hate-fuck.

Swine flu virus began life in lab.
Swine flu - Born in USA.
Kids used to test flu vaccine!
How did the H1N1 virus get into the United States?

I did send her back an email asking why she would put faith in someone who is such a nut case that he is a card carrying “Birther.” I suspect that that was when she decided to quit sending me stuff. I have heard nothing since.

But before I sent that she sent me this article on how Baxter Pharmaceutical filed for patent on H1N1 Vaccine two years before first H1N1 case was reported.

I’m going out on a limb here. I’m going to assume Baxter DID.  (Note: Not quite see update below.) Because its not as if H1N1 is a new viral type. It is a new strain of the type. The main components are the same, and thus the essentials could be set in place and patented long in advance of any outbreak. Now, granted, I’m not a doctor. I am kind of talking out my ass here, and as I am writing this too late at night to call up a doctor friend (and too tired to do effective research on my own) I’m going to have to confirm this one in the morning. (Again see update below.) But I’ll get some clarification on that and update this probably within the day. In any case, assuming my layman’s (I’m a fucking layman for Christ-sake and I came up with a plausible and rational explanation – GaaaahHHH!) account of how this might have happened is correct, it calls into question what kind of crappy doctor was she in the first place? I think the answer is clear: not a very good one – or perhaps one with an unfortunate mental health issue as I previously alluded. 

UPDATE: (10 hours later.)  Thanks to Dr. Rob Tarzwell for his assists on this.  My information was wrong, but ultimately the same essential argument remains valid - but I'll get to that.
For starters, here is the patent application.  (The same document they link to in the Ahrcanum post.) It is NOT a patent on the vaccine.  It is a patent on a process for making vaccines.  And H1N1 is merely one of the possible flu types that it can be used to create vaccines for.  The particularly galling thing about this is that it takes only the most rudimentary level of understanding to glean this from the patent application.  To be clear - I can figure that out.  Perverting this into "Baxter had a patent on an H1N1 vaccine before the epidemic is either complete ingnoramity; and utter failure to bother reading the document; or the willful assumption that the people who are being told the bad information aren't going to bother reading the document themselves.  That in itself is pretty obscene.
On top of that, my original point about H1N1 merely being one type of flu - a variant that has been around much longer than we've been making  vaccines of any sort - and thus getting a head start on the process of preparing a vaccine for it is hardly any indication of a conspiracy.  We know this form of virus is out there, we can therefore be as prepared as possible to fight a new strain of it well in advance.  Two years - if that were even a relevant argument anymore - is nothing.  ...Fuckers.
[Update ends.]

The last link she sent was from a website whose sub-title just cracks me up; “the more Catholic the better.”

Its subtitled, an hour long and, considering the rest of the information “Dr” Lanctot sent me, I expect its complete bullshit, though I was really only getting to the real garbage when I gave up watching. If anyone beats my mark of 20 minutes and 18 seconds, let me know!


  1. "hip-deep brain-flake bull-shit narcisissm"

    I wish I'd written that!

  2. I'm so glad I found your essay; I was beginning to fear I had made up "Doctor" Ghislaine "Infinity Symbol" Lanctot's existence from a terrible, confused dream.

    Way, way back, I saw her "Medical Mafia" book on the shelves in bookstores. When I picked it up, I was confronted with a mountain of pointless nonsense, along with a slew of equally nonsensical illustrations, the kind usually found in tracts from "End Times" theorists. Sensing she was off her rocker, I pursued it no further (although I now have a free PDF of that same book on my smartphone - worth less than nothing).

    From what I've dug up from an evening's casual search, I am in full agreement that she's both thoroughly unhinged and completely narcissistic. The label of "idessic" (whatever that means), the "more-enlightened-than-thou" streak that pervades her biography...fuck, she even calls her mom "an expression dear to someone who was known as Mother (1878-1973)"! Seriously, she reduced the person who birthed her as some kind of abstract! I'm Christian, but this makes me want to blurt "Sweet fucking living Christ on a goddamned Popsicle stick!"

    I truly hope nobody takes her seriously, but with the sheer number of conspiracy theorists on the Web, YouTube, and everywhere else, that's a fool's assertion. Perhaps the most galling thing is that she's totally at ease and happy as a pig in shit with her batty mindset. I'd give a leg to be the voice in her ear, whispering "what if you're totally wrong?"

    Ah, never mind, I fret about trivial things like this too much. Thank you for backing up my opinion...I can put it out of my mind and sleep peacefully now.

  3. On voit tout de suite que tu est bouché bin dur.
    Ca doit etre du au fait que tu est vendu au systeme...
    Réveille le cave. tout ce que le gouverne-ment fait avec ton argent c'est d'augmenter le taux de pauvreté....
    Ils ont meme fait mieux que cela, harpeur a éliminé le taux de pauvreté puisque maintenant il n'y a plus de statistique a stats-can... F.U.