Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Change of Direction

Obviously, this fatherhood thing is cutting well into my ability to keep up with skeptical blogging.  While I do continue to consider myself an ardent skeptic, there are a host of things that I do put ahead of skepticism in my life and fatherhood has totally upset the cart in such a way that doing much more than attending SitP and reading a few scattered blog posts and listening to some podcasts when I've had time has really been all I could muster.

But when I am out and about it the world I keep seeing things that pique my skeptical instincts....

And not getting around to saying something about it has been kind of annoying me.

So it is time to do something about it!

I finally joined the smart-phone world about a week before I became a Dad... why I haven't (before now) set it up so I can blog directly from it when I have the opportunity... well I guess I just never thought of it until today.

Most of the skeptical thoughts I have I have while I am out and about in the world, so really it only makes sense!  The thoughts will be freshest and if I act immediately I don't have to rely on the clearly faulty combination of my memory and a free moment at home to get the blogging done.

So here's hoping this plan works... 'cause if it doesn't it could be months or even years before I get back around to it!

Oh... and on a totally side personal skeptical note...

I'm not disappearing ENTIRELY from the community - 'cause they keep pulling me back in!  Ah... but seriously... I'll be on a special episode of Skeptically Speaking on December 17th.  Would you believe... of the 3 (I think) appearances I've made on Skeptically Speaking precisely zero of them thus far have been live.  I'd make a joke about Desiree being scared of having me on without the ability to bleep me out, but not only is it not much of a joke, but to any degree that it is a joke, we've worn it out between the two of us already.

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  1. Dude. This episode is live. My editor has been made aware. ;)