Sunday, March 4, 2012

Third Annual Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown

The Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown is back… and this year more cities are participating than ever before.

The CCSS is a British-style pub-quiz that occurs every year on or around Pi-Day (March 14th) in multiple locations across Canada with local and national bragging rights at stake.

Form a team of up to four players and come down to the closest event near you. (Players are also welcome to come on down to the venue and form a team at the event.)

Where and when is it being held?
There are six events across Canada this year.

As of this release some details are still TBD on some events, but if you keep your ear to the ground and follow your normal local skeptical channels, you should catch wind of the specific whens and wheres.

All events will be occurring between Wednesday March 14th and Sunday March 18th specific times and places as currently confirmed are below:

CITY                 VENUE                   DATE              TIME

Halifax                TBA                       TBA                 TBA
Check with local skeptical groups.
Niagara Region   Mahtay Café           TBA                 TBA
Niagara Region Event Cancelled

North Bay           TBD                       TBA                 TBA
Check with local skeptical groups.

Ottawa                Foolish Chicken      March 14th      7:00

Vancouver          Billy Bishop Legion  March 14th      7:30

Winnipeg            Norwood Hotel       March 14th      7:00

(NOTE: TBAs and TBDs will be updated here on this post as new information becomes available.)

Participation is free.

A new champion will be named this year as the champion team for the past two years running is missing a core member. Come on out and give it your best. Have fun an maybe walk away as the new national champion!


  1. The movie posters question was great. Very creative. All in all, an enjoyable event. But what's with all the atheism questions? You can't assume that skeptics are all atheists and humanists. An awful lot of us pay no attention to the god botherers or the people that bother the god botherers. Asking who hosts an atheist show just seemed like a very out of place question, and guessing the voices? Also odd. There's a lot of people out here who do not care about personalities, podcasters, bloggers. Skepticism is bigger than its celebrities.

  2. We did this tonight in Halifax. Lots of fun!

  3. Hi CH,

    Thanks for the feedback. DO keep in mind that this was the third year of the smackdown and that in other years the emphasis has been in other areas - for example, there has been a past bias towards questions about astronomy ans space exploration.

    We decided that atheism was the biggest single sub-set of skeptical inquiry that had thus far been the most ignored by the smackdown and set out to rectify that by devoting a round to this year. Suffice to say there will not be a round devoted to atheism next year, but we do have plans for a round that will be dedicated to another major aspect of science & skepticism that we have left under represented.

    Just like Jeopardy, your success can be made or broken by the incidentally intersection of the categories with your individual interests.
    The common thread will always reliably surround science and skepticism at the CCSS.

    Thanks for coming.

    See you again next year!

  4. Any word on pub quiz for 2013? Thanks

  5. Sorry for the slow response, I just haven't got the time for this blog much these days.

    The CCSS is being planned, but I have almost nothing other than an advisory role this year.

    The good news is that it is now linked to CFI Canada and should get more attention nationwide as a result.

    I know nothing about the actual dates at this time, but I will post about it when I do.