Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pony Up for Science

The pockets of skepticism, despite the optics of things like the Million Dollar Challenge and the Australian Skeptics' benefactor, are quite shallow. Unlike organizations like the Discovery Institute which are funded by a variety of creationist organizations (I.E. Churches.).
One of our best avenues for public outreach has proven to be podcasts. There is a metric fuckton of skeptical podcasts out there. Some are fantastic like the mighty Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, some are extremely niche like Monster Talk, some are dubiously skeptical (at best) like Skeptiko. But even the best and mightiest of them are done on shoe-string budgets, because the money just isn't there. Do any skeptical podcast hosts or producers get paid for their efforts? No. (At least I don't think so, and in any case the vast majority don't.) The shows themselves barely get along with the meagre support of the proverbial 'people like you.'

This week and next (and don't let those dates limit you) one of my favourites Skeptically Speaking (and not simply because they are one of the ones that I've been interviewed on) is having a fund drive. To be more accurate the radio station that supports it, CJSR is having a fund drive. They can use your support.
Skeptically Speaking is unique in that it is the only skeptical call-in show, and they also have a segment called 'Speaking Up' wherein anyone can suggest something that they personally would like to talk about in the skeptical realm.
If you can afford any money in the name of skepticism and the support of science, go on-line and donate some money to the station. Make sure they know why (I.E. In support of what show.) you are donating.
I have actually asked some of the people who would normally give me birthday presents to donate money to podcasts in my name instead. But I'm not asking you to donate money for me for my birthday – I'm just showing that there are other ways of getting the money flowing.
Here's a few other shows to consider donating money to – the science & skepticism based shows on my birthday wish list, in fact:
What? Only two?
Well, I didn't want to post a laundry list. Nor did I want to pull too much focus from Skeptically Speaking (which technically makes three.)

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