Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skeptically Speaking Interview

Just a quick post to point out that my interview on Skeptically Speaking has been posted for download.

New posts after the weekend, for now I'm swaiting with baited breath for the on-again off-again feed fromn Skeptrack at DragonCon to give me cool insights.


  1. Just listened. It was great! You and Des have a really good rapport.

  2. It was a fun interview.
    I expect we'll talk again. She is demonstrably interested in my notions of 'asshole skepticism.' And golly me, if I ain't more than happy to flap my gums about it! I suspect that'll be a ways down the road.

  3. Hi, I just discovered Skeptically Speaking and your interview was great - I think your enthusiasm is very contagious. Wow look out MMR denial freaks if you get your wish!.
    I live in a very isolated part of the world and have a very limited social network regarding anything skeptical (I am an expat. in a foreign land that is predominantly catholic. The majority of the other expats have hippy alternative bullshit lifestyles as this island attracts the arty types who are happy to believe in that hippy crap and therefore discovering new people like your self helps make me feel connected with the real world. I have another friend now for my listening and reading time and you join the Novellas, Randi, Mr Dunning and Swoopy and Derek in my list of faves. I am very much an armature blogger who is having to spend time honing my writing skills in order to get across my thoughts, but I will get there. Hope to get a chance to see your film, though living where I do the chance is very slim - (you don't have any plans to dub it to Spanish do you??) Well, thanks for the great interview, I enjoyed it immensely and am thrilled to have found another like minded person to read and follow.

  4. Hey there, uh... "Big Mouth?" (If I may.)
    Geez, suddenly getting placed on a list with those luminaries is simultaneously cool and daunting.
    When I met (I use the term loosely) Steve Novella this past summer I totally clammed up... and I am not the sort who is prone to being star-struck. I just had this sudden feeling that I could not compete with his intellect - he is both hard-drive and RAM - and didn't even know where to start a conversation. I fared better with all the others (though I haven't met Swoopy), but I'll spare you the anecdotes.

    As to the film; there aren't current plans to dub into Spanish, but that's more because we haven't yet crossed the threshold to the part of the process where we explore ancillary markets.

    Enjoy the blog. I've been a bit lax this past week as I'm coming up on a commercial shoot this weekend (just spent 8 hours finalizing storyboards) but I'll be back to it soon.

    Also look out for the upcoming Canadian Skeptical Blog, Skeptics North. Marion Kilgour mentioned it on Skeptically Speaking the week before my interview. I'll be a featured blogger on it - so I'll be sure to point that out here. It's supposed to launch in October.