Monday, January 18, 2010

Kudos to CBC Dragons

This came up in the comments section over at Skeptic North today and it's simply too good not to pass on further.  A garbage medicine hawker came on Dragons' Den with a ridiculous product and a ridiculous "deal" for the Dragons.

If you're familiar with the format, feel free to skip ahead to the 25 minute mark and sit back and watch some serious deserved tongue lashing.  If you aren't familiar, then watch the first part of the show just to get the feel first.

The product in question - Precious Metals Nano Water from Bruce McBurney of HIMAC Research Publishing from Niagra Falls Ontario.  He undermines his presentation from the get go by asking for WAY too much money (2.5 Million) for a laughable amount of the company (25%) that is heinously over priced (10 Million dollars - based on the sales of 40 thousand dollars over several years.)  Initially his presentation is amusing as it's so absurd and badly put together.  He thinks he has a panacea which will cure everything from indegestion (sic) to prostrate (sic) cancer.  And he offers no more than "video testimonials" and books of un-declared an questionable provenance as evidence.

He is completely full of shit.  The Dragons let him have it on all fronts, they stip him down and flog him verbally and as far as I am concerned he gets off easy.

Looking at his website - which is also littered with spelling errors, like his cheap-assed presentation - he is also trying to hawk "suppressed" (Oh the conspiracy!) carbeurator technology that could (you see it coming don't you?) revolutionize the world by taking cancer causing agents out of automotive pollution and improving mileage by over 400%.

As Dragon Jim Treliving tells Bruce to his face - "Bullshit."


  1. Holy crap, that was spectacular! I especially like that they hardly considered whether it would make any money. Yes, $10 million is a laughable estimate, but the truth is that kind of shit, with a big investment behind it, could make a killing. But they didn't even consider it because he is such a vile human being. Money with morals!

    I'm going to start watching this show... I kept watching after the bullshit guy and I quite like it.

  2. Turns out the Dragons aren't always as critical as in this case:'_Den/ID=1355169961

    About 36 minutes in, a self-parody comes on to sell holistic health claims, and succeeds.

  3. you really need to open your mind a bit..this man who was completely full of shit was found dead under seriously suspicious circumstances in the desert. How many people who claim these sorts of things end up dying in this way I ask you?

    1. I never really thought of the Niagara Region as a "desert"... but whatever perversion of the facts helps support your world view, buddy.

    2. Bruce McBurney was my friend and an amazing man. Colloidal silver and gold helps my patients incredibly and I have been using his products for over 12 years. Yes, he was not the best socially but sometimes geniuses are like that. Way to judge a man without knowing him. The Dragons are DEMONS in the pockets of monster pharma and I hope they all rot in hell. Your slam article here only show us all what an brain-dead idiot you are. RIP Bruce. Thank you for all that you did. I love my molecular enhancer that you made me and with it, I have healed many, many cancers in so many other (now grateful) people from it. Love to you dear Bruce, now with God.