Monday, January 25, 2010

Asshole Skeptic Honour Roll #4 - The Revenge of the Alt-Med Ranger

Oh Mike Adams, how silly you are.
Really, truly silly.

The tale goes on and on since I last blogged about it.

Mike decided to reveal to the world what skeptics really think.  So he set up an army of straw men and took 'em on like Jackie Chan... except really he managed his attack rather more like the Star Wars kid... but without the underlying innocent charm. 

When we skeptics laughed outrageously at how childish, unsubstantiated, un-cited, misrepresentational and ultimately pathetic his ploy was, he posted again announcing victory - because he had "wildly infuriat[ed] skeptics across the 'net."  Clearly once again Adams is falling prey to his desire to believe what makes him happy, not what is actually true.

I'm really not going to bother getting into it further myself, largely because it has already been done by... well just about everybody it seems.

But this does give me the chance to add another name to the Asshole Skeptic Honour Roll - for excellence in snark, the blogger who goes by the moniker Bing McGhandi.

Of all responses to @HealthRanger's outing of skeptical beliefs, his is my favourite.

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  1. Wow! Thanks very much! Do I get a little silver cup or a large cash prize? Maybe some beer. I'd take beer.

    I'm totally putting this on my awards page! Heehee.