Friday, February 5, 2010

Vancouver SkeptiCamp III - The Reckoning

Do you Skepticamp? Have you skepticamped? Will you skepticamp?

WTF "skepticamp!!?!?!!"

Skepticamp is the brain child of Reed Essau.

It is a one day conference for science and reason wherein the talks are generally short, and largely presented by the participants.

Reed did the first one in Colorado in 2008. Vancouver followed suit a few months later, organized largely by Graeme Kennedy. I was one of the handful of presenters at that conference.  Other cities including Atlanta and NYC have also hosted Skepticamps.

Last year Vancouver had it's second Skepticamp and on March 20th we will be having our third.  If it's boast worthy, it's worth pointing out that Vancouver was the first city to have a second skepticamp, will be the first to have a third and if the planning meeting was any indication last night we will be the first to have our fourth... that one coming before the end of this year.  Vancouver really seems to have taken Skepticamp to it's breast.

I had to miss the second Vancouver Skepticamp on short notice, which was disappointing, but this year I'll be participating in a big way.  I may do a presentation on - you guessed it - asshole skepticism depending on the number of speakers we have, but I'm also going to be the emcee.  I'm looking forward to it and expect to have a lot of fun.

If you are in Vancouver, you should be thereGet registered.  Get a t-shirt.

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I'm coming out of the pit of work - more posts should follow more regularly soon.

oh.... and for the record "The Reckoning" - is just a joke.  SkeptiCamp III has no sub-title.

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