Friday, August 14, 2009

Oryl Taitz - Bat-Shit Birther

Holy Smoke.

I was thinking about doing an entry about birthers in general, and then I came across this hour long interview on Salon with Orly Taitz.

The woman is more than nuts. She is offensively nuts.

She cherry picks information with ZERO apparent provenance and then has the termerity to accuse the interviewer of mis-representing her - putting words in her mouth, specifically.

She denies making claims, but then "states the facts" (such as they are), still denying that she is saying anything - "I won't say one more word about it" - while clearly, BALDLY, leaning on the implication that her "facts" are intended to make.
Somehow she believes that by saying "I'm not saying that Barack Obama is (a Kenyan by birth; A Murderer; A bi-sexual (all of which she "doesn't say"))" that we will take her at her word, when she is absolutely attempting to make those precise connections with her evidence.

If ever one of her claims is challenged - for example; "US voting machines are owned by Hugo Chavez" - the interviewer, Gabriel Winantz, looks it up online while she prattles on. He comes up with the information that the software company stock is predominantly held by Venezualan citizens - a large step away from the machines being owned by Hugo Chavez. Her response? "Well, you need to look deeper." Not a hint of citing any sources... and frankly, she's the one making the outrageous claim - the onus is on her to prove her case. But no, she'll just keep on shitting out hardened kernels she prefaces as being 'facts.'

I'm particularly fond of this particular canard... towards the end of the interview she veers (with no apparent connection) to anti-vax insanity. She claims that active viruses have been found in H1N1 vaccines. And "Dr" Orly (She apparently has a dental degree.) makes a point of saying that her original field is in medicine... what kind of medicine? Naturopathy? Vaccines, by definition have active viral components!


Anyhow... just listen. It's comedy. I could not make her look any more ridiculous than she herself does.

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