Friday, October 2, 2009

Heidi Anderson - Asshole Skeptic Honour Roll

Apparently Skeptic North was mentioned in the latest episode of Skeptic Zone. Haven't actually got to that part yet, but earlier in the show Kylie Sturgess interviews Heidi Anderson at DragonCon.

In the interview Heidi admits that she is an 'in your face' skeptic and that she recognizes that tag-teaming with a gentler skeptic is going to be the most effective approach to reaching people. But both sorts of activists are necessary.

I'm happy to see that someone else 'gets' it.

I have so much respect for the scientists that adhere to the measured and rationed response that marks the mind-set of their academic approach. Coming forward with the olive-branch is absolutely how to reach those people who are teetering on the brink between ration and credulity.

Hooray Heidi. You are the second person to make the Asshole Skeptic Honour Roll.


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  2. I screwed that comment up. I meant that I appreciate it and that it inspired me to do my own blog post.

    I am such an asshole I can't comment right.

  3. :) The plug is at the end of the show - hope you listen to the whole thing and catch it! :) K.

  4. I definitely did get to the plug. Thanks!

  5. Let's hear it for our fellow asshole skeptics! I've tried to make it clear to everyone that both types of skeptics are necessary, because people respond to different tactics. Plus, there's the soft sell seeming totally innocuous by comparison when you try the hard sell first.

    I was so thrilled to hear Heidi call herself an "in your face skeptic" at D*C! One of my sweeties, Tacit, said that I should meet her and promptly introduced us, and Datan0de said that she reminded him of me.

    So, hooray for asshole skeptics!

  6. Nice! More assholes coming out of the woodwork. A sub-movement arises from the hordes of olive branch skeptics!