Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Open Letter to the two Navy Guys at Last Week's Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub

Sorry, guys.
I hope I didn't come across as a dickhead.
I've been doing jobs for twenty years where getting recognized by total strangers is part of the deal.  I've never been comfortable with that, but I know it's the way it works and I need to accept it.
From six years in a touring comedy troupe, which I quit in part because I wasn't comfortable with our growing popularity; to being stopped as I got off SeaBus and told how much "I love your work" (which co-incided poorly with an actual stalker in my life); it has always been something I have not fully embraced.
I've been telling myself for years to get over it, 'cause it's getting in the way of my career.  I even had myself convinced that I am ready to deal with it... and I hope I am, what with a feature film ready to show the world and all.
But being recognised and approached on Tuesday was the first time that has happened to me in years, and it was a reminder that like it or not, I need to get a bit more accustomed to it, both as a skeptic and as an artist, 'cause the things I am doing in both realms are necessarily going to draw attention if they are going to be considered successful.  That is, as I said above, part of the deal.
Anyhow, again, if you happen to be reading this, my apologies if I came across as a knob.  (Oh the irony, the guy who calls himself the 'Asshole' is apologising for being a jerk.)
If we cross paths again, remind me who you are (I'm terrible with that stuff too.) and offer up a piece of proof or two like where you came from to be at SitP and how you knew who I am (I have both of those seared in my memory.) and I'll buy the first round.  Despite being an asshole and coming off as a dickhead-knob, I'm not actually a jerk.


  1. We did not think you came off as a dick head.. I only knew of you from listening to you on Skepticlly speaking and enjoyed the show.. If you came off as a dickhead.. I can assure you that we would have told you..


  2. Good to hear.

    I was just concerned that my internal bad-reaction was translating into something off-putting on the outside.

    Clearly I'm just too self-conscious.